Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Cake Segment!

Last Wednesday, Pastry Girl Cakes made our television debut with a short segment on WPIX Morning News. We brought three different cake displays for the at-home audience to vote on - results should be in soon! - and discussed current cake trends.

The first cake was a classic option with an updated twist. Different tier heights modernized the overall traditional look. The second display was a trio of fall inspired cakes. The third display was a petite version of a dessert table that included a two tier cream cheese covered cake and small pastries like cake balls and mini pumpkin pies.

Here's a clip from the segment in case you missed it!

And some behind the scenes photos:

Discussing the segment with producer Kate Sullivan

Going over set design with designer Dennis

Posing with the happy couple

Cool picture in a picture shot

Me, Tamsen and Niaja & Christopher

Thank you to everyone at WPIX for a smooth sailing segment!

Can't believe the wedding is next week! Tune in on Wednesday to vote on the honeymoon!


  1. ALISSA!!!! I didn't realize this was happening this week! You look amazing and professional! Your cakes look phenomenal. Although I think WPIX meant "Complementary" not "Complimentary." If that is a complimentary cake though, I'll take it!

    So impressed with how much you've done for yourself. You are an inspiration. Love you!

  2. OMG great post! You were oh so fab on camera. I would have broken out into hives and passed out right next to Tamsen : )

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